Engine Development

The objective of this work package was to develop engines able to comply with the EURO 6 (for road vehicles) and the EU Stage 4 / US Tier 4 (for non-road vehicles) emission norm if fuelled with the second stage of 2nd generation vegetable oil fuel. The development work was done in parallel on tractor engines and on a hybrid test engine stand.
For the development work, about 12.000 liters rape seed oil and, respectively, 2.000 liters of sunflower, jatropha and camelina sativa oil were used. 2nd generation vegetable oil qualities with < 1.5 mg/kg P/Mg/Ca were used for engine stand tests.

Motor by John Deere

The final goal was to achieve the emission level EU Stage 4, respectively US Tier 4 in a test run in hybrid mode on the test bed. As the tests were done with a non-road vehicle engine, EURO 6 was understood to be achieved because the equivalent US Tier 4 limits were kept (EURO 6 for road vehicles is comparable to EU Stage 4 and US TIER 4 for non-road vehicles).

Seventh Framework Programme
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