Project Consortium

The consortium comprises 10 partners with complementary background and experiences which will be needed for the implementation of the project:

John Deere brings in the experience of the worldwide largest producer of agricultural machines, its specific know-how on the requirements of series production of engines, and its specific know-how on vegetable oil fuelled engines, acquired in the course of the co-operation with VWP.

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VWP is the worldwide leading company in the field of vegetable oil fuelled engines, holding a number of patents in the field and having a proof record of several 1,000 successfully converted vehicles running without problems and with low emissions on pure vegetable oil.

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LVK - TUM is one of the leading university chairs on internal combustion engines. They will bring in the know-how on hybrid engines and will be in charge of transferring the results obtained on tractors to hybrid engines, thus ensuring the link to the automobile industry as well as to the academic world.

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The Lubrizol Corporation is an innovative specialty chemical company that produces and supplies technologies that improve the quality and performance of our customers' products in the global transportation, industrial and consumer markets. These technologies include lubricant additives for engine oils, other transportation-related fluids and industrial lubricants, as well as fuel additives for gasoline and diesel fuel. Lubrizol will develop and test in-house advanced engine oils containing its additives, which they will provide for the tests and demonstrations in the project.

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Waldland, together with VWP, holds the know-how on the production of vegetable oil of a very high quality in decentralised oil presses and has already equipped an oil press with the latest most advanced oil press technology. This oil press will be further modified by Waldland in the project and will supply the oil for the tests and demonstrations activities.

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RAEE is an experienced regional energy agency and currently in charge of implementing pure vegetable oil activities in France. They will be in charge of organising the demonstration fleet and disseminating results in France.


FRCUMA is a regional non-profit umbrella organisation of departmental umbrella organisations (FDCUMA) of machine rings (CUMA) in France. Members of these CUMA and eventually staff of the FDCUMA which will be temporarily employed by FRCUMA for this project and in charge of the implementation of the demonstration fleet and the establish-ment of a 2nd generation vegetable oil press in France.


ITP (formerly: IBMER) is a leading institute for agriculture and energy in Poland which has the necessary infrastructure for implementing the demonstration fleet and disseminating results in Poland.


NEN holds the secretariat of the CEN Technical Committee on petroleum products and liquid and gaseous (bio)fuels, CEN/TC 19. It brings in its capacity for defining a European standard for 2nd generation vegetable oil-based fuels and will guide the other project partners at this regard.

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IBDI - regineering  primarily specializing in energy conversion methods in sustainable cycles in decentralized energy sources. As a partner of VWP, IBDI works on projects in the fields of development and demonstration of plant oil fueled engines.

Project Consortium

John Deere
ITP (formerly: IBMER)

Seventh Framework Programme
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