Waldland Vermarktungsgesellschaft m.b.H.

Logo WaldlandWaldland is a company, which processes and promotes crops and animal specialties. The origin lies in two associations: after a successful development of planting and harvesting methods and a growing demand, in 1984 the Association for the Promotion of Special Crops was founded by around 70 farmers. Three years later the Association for the Promotion of Alternative Animal Agriculture was set up. In 2003 these two associations were fused to the association “Waldviertler Sonderkulturenverein”, which has now about 800 members.
To enforce the promotion of crops and animal products, the two associations founded the "Waldland Vermarktungs GesmbH" in 1989. Since that time, the customers can buy Waldland products at the Waldlandhof and at a shop in the city of Vienna.
Through the gained experiences in production and processing special crops, the pharmaceutical industry got attentive to Waldland. Since 1997 Waldland produces and pre-processes medicinal plants, which are necessary for the production of medicine.
In the last years Waldland engages very strong in renewable energies. Further, a factory was established, which fabricates insulate-mats from flax-fibre.

Logo Öl- und BioEnergiePicture of an Oil Press
The Öl- und BioEnergie GmbH is a subsidiary company of Waldland. It works since 7 years with pure vegetable oils. The company is specialized in pressing and cleaning of rape-seed-oil and sunflower-oil.

A second subsidiary company is Waldland-VWP, which is a partner of VWP Deutschland, and converts diesel engines to pure plant oil. It works since 2002 on the Austrian market.

Main tasks in this project

Within this project, Waldland will advance the development of vegetable oil in a second stage by testing oil-presses and filters and their effect on the oil quality. Waldland will also survey on possible additives for the vegetable oil, to bring it in an EU-wide-standard. With the participants for the field tests, will also run a demonstration fleet with the 2nd generation fuel.

Profile of main staff members to be involved

Picture of Gerhard Zinner
Gerhard Zinner
Gerhard Zinner is the managing director of Waldland. He acts as project manager in this project.
Picture of Hannes Blauensteiner
Hannes Blauensteiner
Hannes Blauensteiner is unit manager of the Waldland Company. He is responsibly for the plant oil department and the subsidiary company Öl & Bioenergie GmbH. In the project 2nd VegOil is his main task the fuel development. He acts also as Project coordinator within Waldland and coordinates the fuel deliveries for the project partners.



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