Instytut Budownictwa, Mechanizacji i Elektryfikacji Rolnictwa

The Institute of Building, Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture at present employs 225 people. The Institute's activity focuses on elaboration of the scientific base for development of technical infrastructure in rural area. IBMER was coordinating body of the two EU centers of Excellence: Transfer of Knowledge in Agriculture Engineering (TRAGEN) Renewable Energy Center of Excellence and Competence in Poland (RECEPOL), as well as of the Virtual Institute of Sustainable Agriculture.

Logo IBMERThe most important projects relevant to the project scope are
  • Innovate Energy Research (INNER)
  • Energy networks in sustainable cities (POLYCITY)
  • Lokal and Innovative Biodiesel (INNOVATIVE BIODIESEL)
  • Lokal New Energy Technology Implementation (LETIT)
  • Renewable fuels for advanced power-trains (RENEW)
  • Scientific reference System on new energy technologies, energy end-use efficiency and en-ergy RTD (SRS NET)
  • Renewable Energy and Rational Use Programme for Municipalities (RERUM),
  • Bilateral Polish - Swedish research programme "Sustainable Energy for Poland. Biomass role"
  • Preliminary research works on the sampling and testing solid biofuels and elaboration of the Quality System - BIONORM
  • Adaptation sugar plants for biofuels production needs – feasibility study
  • implementation strategy of biofuels in Słupsk district
  • multidirectional researches financed by Ministry of Science (design and implementation of installation for rape biofuels – 10 000 t/year)biofuel plant partially automated, located in research institute in Mochełek
  • implementation of small installation for rape biofuel production for auxiliary power consump-tion (Foundation for Mutual Support “Barka”)

Main tasks in this project

IBMER will be in charge of the demonstration of 2nd generation vegetable oil in tractors in Poland.

Profile of main staff members to be involved

Key person for the project will be Dr. eng. Piotr Pasyniuk. 53 years old, Dr. Pasyniuk is scientist in the Institute for Building, Mechanization and Electrification in Agriculture in Warsaw. He is responsible for the institute’s laboratories and projects in the field of renewables energie sources. He is expert or manager in several projects. Dr. Pasyniuk is author of 3 books for university students, 24 sciences articles in professional publication, 18 conference announcements, and member of Polish Biomass Association (POLBIOM) and European Biomass Assosiation (AEBIOM).
Doc. Dr. eng. Anna Grzybek, 62 years old, professor, scientist in IBMER and expert on energy training and technical support in energy and rural infrastructure area is the second person involved in the project. She is participating in a joint Poland-Denmark project "Bioraf- Poland" concerning a biomass utilisation for non food purposes founded by the Foundation of Assistance Programs for Agriculture. Furthermore she is project manager in “Modeling of energetic biomass use” support by Norwegian Financing Mechanism and author of more than 150 articles in professional publications.
Mgr. eng. Wojciech Golimowski, 25 years old, is professor’s assistant in Poznan Branch of IBMER. He specialised in liquid biofuel production on farms.



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