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NEN is the Dutch Standardization Institute. It is legally set up as a non-profit foundation. NEN is the Dutch knowledge-centre for standards and rules. NEN promotes the use of (inter)national standards using courses, information events, publications and other projects. With a consultancy organization with 28 M€ turnover and 275 employees (over 40% with an university degree), NEN supports over 1.400 standardization committees with 7.000 members. Although accreditation of products and systems is no corporate business, many of our employees have experience in that field.
NEN is the only institute in the Netherlands that may officially publish standards. As such it is the Dutch representing member in international standardization organisations, such as ISO, IEC, CEN and CENELEC. NEN has four major departments dealing with building, health and consumer, electronics and industrial standards. NEN has a database of about 2.000 national, over 6.000 European and nearly 10.000 international standards. Further details can be found at
NEN holds the secretariat of the CEN Technical Committee on petroleum products and liquid and gaseous (bio)fuels, CEN/TC 19. NEN is responsible for communication with CEN on progress of standardization, for following the CEN rules and procedures, for document versions of the standards (including formal enquiry stage and formal vote stage) and for planning and organising meetings of the committee and working group.
NEN has a broad experience in holding the secretariat of CEN Technical Committees and Working Groups both active with specifications and inter-laboratory comparison of test methods. Furthermore, NEN has managed earlier research projects and inter-laboratory studies, both at national and at EU-level. Because of the CEN/TC 19 secretariat NEN is the linking pin within EU and international biofuel specification development.
NEN provides national and international standardization and regulation knowledge. As a member of both ISO and CEN, it combines the standards processing ability and the technical know-how. NEN has access and knowledge of all standards of the major standardization bodies. Furthermore, it can provide fast-track standardization processes within CEN and ISO, once a stakeholder or the project requests registration of agreements to continue development of a process, a product or a market.
NEN's daily job is identifying the barriers for trade or the obstacles for introduction of new developments. The NEN unit Energy Resources is experienced with standards and regulation concerning safety, health and environmental aspects related to gas, oil, hydrogen and alternative resources and fuels. This NEN unit holds international secretariats on fuels, biomass and natural gas. Not only can NEN identify existing or future hurdles for the widespread use of the projects out-come, but also play part in the dissemination of the results via standards related activities.
Thanks to the core-business, specific experience on biofuels and our international network of experts NEN is able to provide an added value to the 2nd VegOil project and to the final EU aim: the introduction of biofuels on the European Market.

Main tasks in this project

Within this project NEN is responsible for communication with CEN on progress of standardization, for following the CEN rules and procedures, for document versions of the standards (including CWA, formal enquiry stage and formal vote stage) and for planning and organising meetings of the committee and working group that should prepare draft standards of the fuel specifications 2nd generation vegetable oils.
To accomplish the work, NEN will co-ordinate with the partners for this drafting process. NEN will be able to integrate the (draft standardization) results with other projects within CEN, EU projects, IEA task groups and on international level within ISO to ensure duplication of work is avoided.

Profile of the two staff members to be involved

Ortwin Costenoble and Harold Pauwels will be the main responsible persons for this project.
Picture of Ortwin CostenobleOrtwin Costenoble as senior standardisation specialist joined NEN in 2000, after a job as quality manager and research coordinator in the dental implantology field. Being a materials engineer from origin, he was first involved in standardization of paper, ceramics, rubber and lab equipment. He gradually specialised in gas and petroleum specification and measurement.
After having been secretary of an ISO committee on Analysis of gases and of CEN/TC 19 (quality monitoring system for fuels and biofuels) working groups on LPG since 2000, he took over the Secretariat of the European standardization committee for petroleum, fuels and alternative fuels. 
Most of its Standards are (in)directly related to EC regulation (Directives and Mandates). In this occupation he has been involved with European (bio)fuels specifications, metering and related test methods.
Within NEN he is the expert on liquid and gaseous fuels and gas analysis. Also, due to his participation in several EC Research Programmes and several national energy projects. As senior consultant he built up international experience within the field of liquid and gaseous fuels and biofuels.
Harold Pauwels, senior standardisation specialist and manager of the NEN Unit Energy Resources will be the second main responsible for this project within NEN. As senior standardization expert, he gained international experience on standardization in the field of alternative fuels (production, distribution, stations, vehicles, e.g.) and natural gas distribution. Furthermore he is involved among other in the FP6 Coordination Action "Biofuel Cities".
Harold Pauwels joined NEN in 1998, after a job as technical consultant in the Industrial waste water treatment. He graduated as chemical engineer at the Technical University of Eindhoven.
In relation to pre-normative and standardization both have (international) experience in project management, organising workshops, events and meetings. Concerning biofuels and fuels both have an international network of contact persons related to standardization, EC and international regulations.


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