Contribution to Overall Sustainable Development

Vegetable oil is presently not always considered as fully sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. The reason is that mainly rape seed oil is presently used and rape seed can hardly be cultivated organically. In addition, the low yield of oil per hectare compared to the yield of biogas per hectare of energy plants that are digested or compared to the still being developed synthetic biofuels is frequently cited.
However, this comparison is misleading because vegetable oil is always only one of several co-products. The balance looks different if one takes the value of oil cake and the potential to produce biogas from oil plant straw into account.
Promoting vegetable oil as fuel, the purpose of this project, is in fact a strong contribution to sustainability, economically and socially, because it provides new economic opportunities for SMEs and farmers in rural area, environmentally, because it has a very good energy balance in the production and has the lowest risks for the environment.
This project has contributed at increasing the environmental sustainability, first, by developing very low emission fuel-engine concepts, and secondly, by considering other oil plants than rape seed oil as blends which have a much better environmental performance.

Seventh Framework Programme
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