Contribution to Promotion of SME and Farmers

Vegetable oil can be produced by farmers and SME who profit from the whole value creation chain. This distinguishes vegetable oil notably from bio-ethanol and in particular from synthetic fuels which are produced by the thermo-chemical pathway. The latter requires large production units in order to achieve an acceptable overall efficiency, at least if the produced fuel in the main product and not just a side-product of electricity and heat generation. Thus, vegetable oil offers the most comprehensive chances for the promotion of SME and farmers.
In this project, a focus has been put on methods for producing 2nd generation vegetable oil fuels in small decentralised oil presses. The reference oil presses which supplied the oil for the demonstration fleet are owned by SMEs . The concept and technologies of producing very high quality oil decentralised in small oil presses were disseminated by the project consortium in the target areas for the demonstration fleet operation and beyond in the dissemination workpackage. Owners of small oil presses are the main target group of the dissemination activities.
Further, vehicles running on vegetable oil offer new opportunities for small mechanical workshops to enter in the business of engine conversion and maintenance of vegetable oil fuelled vehicles. In this project, local workshops in the target areas in France, Austria and Poland were trained on the basics of engine conversion and maintenance.


Seventh Framework Programme
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