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regineering Duft & Innerhofer (IBDI) consists to date of five employees and was created due to a reorganization of VWP and the engineering office Duft (IBD). IBDI was founded in 2008 by the engineers and founding partners Christian Duft (previously IBD) and Stefan Innerhofer (previously VWP). In 2009 the new company name "regineering" was introduced as an synonym for renewable engineering.   IBDI works on energy conversion methods in sustainable cycles in decentralized energy sources. One task is the adaptation and optimization of combustion engines within the system boundaries "field-to-wheel" instead of the industry`s standard practice "tank-to-wheel." Together with partners from the industry and specialized workshops, IBDI develops technical solutions for the use of pure plant oil in diesel engines considering the alternating influence of engine and fuel technologies.
The main points from IBDI in context to the aforementioned task are e.g.:
  • goal oriented test bench planning
  • collaboration in the field of fuel development
  • planning, preparing, establishing and monitoring of field tests

Due to long term experience with publicly funded projects, the owners of IBDI are able to describe complex technical fields of development and implement them in highly organized projects.

Since 2004, IBD and VWP have been working together on projects in the field of development and demonstration of plant oil fueled engines. Through this cooperation:
  • technical developments of different engine components regarding plant oil capability (e.g. injection nozzles, diesel particulate filters)
  • developments of plant oil cars, trucks, tractors and CHPs from different producers
  • and further developments of fuel specifications

are worked on.

The engineering side of the common development work has been attended to by IBD. Within this cooperation with VWP, since 2004 the tasks
  • fixing of methodical approaches
  • project establishment
  • systematic planning of project process
  • project monitoring
  • technical documentation
  • normalization and standardization
  • product verification in regards to national and international laws
  • preparation of results
  • and evaluation of results
have been successively outsourced.

Main tasks in this project

IBDI will be involved in the development of advanced common rail diesel engines (EU Stage 4 off-road vehicles) and the monitoring of the test fleets in France, Austria, Poland and Germany.

IBDI attends to the field tests in form and content and collaborates on the test bench work in Kaiserslautern and Munich concerning the fixed project goals. In this context, IBDI is the central, technical gateway between tractor operators/field test partners, JDWM and VWP. IBDI supports VWP with the documentation, evaluation and preparation of the project results for the topic related reporting and for dissemination activities.

In cooperation with the companies VWP and Öl- und Bioenergie, IBDI works on tasks in the field of fuel development considering the requirements of the engines used.
Profile of main staff members to be involved

Christian Duft

Christian Duft  

studied production technology with special focus on process engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Rosenheim.
He worked in an engineering office in the field of energy saving concepts and local heating supply systems. Following that he changed to VWP in 2000, and, in 2004 he founded IBD. In collaboration with VWP, he worked on different development and demonstration projects related to the topics engine technology, plant oil engine development, agriculture, especially plant oil farming.

Stefan Innerhofer     

Stefan Innerhofer  

studied mechanical engineering with special focus on sustainable energy systems, automotive engineering and combustion engines at the Technical University of Munich. Upon graduating, as part of his diploma thesis, he founded the company reFUEL GmbH, which operates a pure plant oil fuelling station on the TUM-campus in Garching.
From 2006 to the founding of IBDI in 2008, he worked at VWP on different development projects, supervised technical products and worked on different task in the engine development.


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