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Papers submitted in scientific and technical publications, presentations given and posters presented at conferences, workshops, etc. can be download here.

Publishable Final Report

The publishable final report provides a comprehensive summary of the project results together with statements of all project partners in their native language and English. Print copies can be ordered from:
Mr. Axel Bachner, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
 >>download web-version of Publishable Final Report (.pdf in English, project partner statements also in German, French and Polish)

Article "Climate design of pure vegetable oil fuels for agricultural equipment" in Landtechnik 1.2012

An executive summary of the monograph "Klimadesign von Pflanzenölkraftstoffen für landwirtschaftliche Maschinen" has been published in German and English in the specialised journal for agricultural equipment "Landtechnik".
>>download special print (German/English)

2ndVegOil tractor prototype exposed at "Grüne Woche" in Berlin

One of the vegetable oil fuelled tractor prototypes that were developed in 2ndVegOil is exposed at the "77. Internationale Grüne Woche 2012" in Berlin, the worldwide largest fair for food, agriculture and gardening. The German Minister for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Ilse Aigner, and the President of the German Farmers Association, Gerd Sonnleitner, visited the stand and congratulated to the achieved outstanding results.
>> download complete press release

Results of 2ndVegOil project presented at Final Event in Brussels

The final results of the 2ndVegOil project have been presented in the frame of a public final event that took place at the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria in Brussels on 19 December 2011

CEN Workshop Agreement on pure plant oil fuels

The 2ndVegOil project has led to a draft for a new standard for pure vegetable oil fuels that has been formulated in a Workshop Agreement (CWA 16379) of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).
>> publication of CWA 16379 by CEN (English/ French/ German)

Monograph "Climate design of pure vegetable oil fuels"

A comprehensive monograph explaining the mathematical model and the calculations done within 2ndVegOil about the green house gas emission saving potential of pure vegetable oil has been published at the Martin-Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg. The results show that pure vegetable oil fuels can clearly meet the requirements of the Renewable Energy Directive and the Fuel Quality Directive with regard to the minimum green house gas emission saving of 60% compared to diesel fuel.
>> monograph "Klimadesign von Pflanzenölkraftstoffen" (German)
>> executive summary of monograph (English)

Results of 2ndVegOil published in French in agro-technical journal "Entraid'"

The 2ndVegOil project partner FRCUMA has published a two page summary of the project results in the December 2011 issue of the agricultural journal "Entraid".
>> go to journal "Entraid'"
>> go directly to online publication here

CEMA and CECE select 2ndVegOil as environmental success story

The European Association of Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers (CEMA) and the Committee for European Construction Equipment (CECE) have selected 2ndVegOil as an example of an environmental success story for significantly reducing CO2 emissions through an innovative solution. The consortium has provided a description of the option of using pure plant oil as alternative energy source for working machinery which is presented in the brochure “CEMA and CECE – Optimizing our industry 2 reduce emissions”.

>> download success story brochure here

Presentation of 2ndVegOil project to key stakeholders in Paris

On 27 September, Charles Guillot, representative of the project partner FRCUMA, has presented the 2ndVegOil project to French key stakeholders at the meeting of the Réseau Mixte Téchnologique Agroéquipement Énergie in Antony close to Paris.
>> download presentation slides (.pdf) in French here
>> download back-up slides (.pdf) in French here

Article in "energie planzen" 4/2011

This article reports on the 5th project meeting in Warsaw and summarises the results obtained in the 2ndVegOil project until mid 2011.
>> download article (.pdf) in German here

Conference "Biofuels for Agriculture and Rural Development", 31 May - 1 June 2011, Warsaw

In the framework of the 2ndVegOil project, a conference on biofuels for agriculture and rural development has been organised by the project partner ITP in Warsaw on 31 May and 1 June 2011.
>> download programme here
Presentation of Charles Guillot, FRCUMA Rhône-Alpes: "Legal considerations on biofuel production and use in France"
>> download slides (.pdf) here (single set of slides for both presentations)
Presentation of Andreas Huber, TUM: "2nd generation vegetable oil for non-road diesel engines"
>> download slides (.pdf) here
Presentation of Josef Breinesberger, Austrian Plant Oil Association: "Economic and legal aspects of biofuels in Austria"
>> download slides (.pdf) here
Presentation of Renata Golimowska, ITP: "Methyl esters from animal fat as fuel for diesel engines
>> download slides (.pdf) in Polish here
Presentation of Georg Gruber, VWP: "Adaptation of tractor diesel engines to pure plant oil as fuel"
>> download slides (.pdf) here
Presentation of Adam Stepien, Polish National Fuel Chamber: "Indirect land use change due to the development of biofuels in theory and practice"
>> download slides (.pdf) in Polish here
Presentation of Jerzy Gaca, Uniwersytet Technologiczno-Przyrodniczy w Bydgoszczy: "Liquid biofuels production in small dimension - is it a good solution?
>> download slides (.pdf) in Polish here
Presentation of Simon Peal, Lubrizol: "Engine lubricants in diesel - engines powered by biofuels"
>> download slides (.pdf) here
Presentation of Eugeniusz Stefaniak, Agricultural Advisory Center in Szepietowo: "Agricultural liquid biofuel plant for own use in research of PODR Szepietowo"
>> download slides (.pdf) in Polish here
Presentation of Charles Guillot, FRCUMA Rhône-Alpes: "Collective use of tractors and oil press in France"
>> download slides (.pdf) here (single set of slides as for both presentations)

Presentation of 2ndVegOil project at meeting of Comité de Pilotage régional, 10 March 2011, Romans, France

Presentation of Charles Guillot, FRCUMA: "2nd Veg Oil - Démonstration d'Huiles Végétales Carburant de 2nde génération dans des moteurs avancés"
>> download presentation slides here (pdf, French)

19. Symposium Bioenergie, 25-26 November 2010, Kloster Banz, Staffelstein, Germany

Presentation of Stefan Innerhofer, reengineering: "Das EU Projekt 2ndVegOil"
>> download presentation slides here (pdf, German)

VDI MEG Kolloquium "Elektrische Antriebe in der Landtechnik", 19 May 2010, Dresden, Germany

Presentation of Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Hubert, LVK-TUM: "Non-road Motorenprojekte des LVK - Vorstellung"
>> download presentation slides here (pdf, German)

18th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, 3-7 May 2010, Lyon, France

Paper submitted for the proceedings of Charles Guillot, FRCUMA: "2nd Veg Oil Project - Demonstration of 2nd Generation Vegetable Oil Fuels in Advanced Engines"
>> download presentation slides here (pdf, English)
>>download paper submitted for the proceedings of the conference here (pdf, English)

2ndVegOil Seminar "The future of Pure Plant Oil as local fuel", 26 January 2010, Lyon, France

Presentations on pure vegetable oil use as fuel in France and on interim project results were given at the seminar "The future of Pure Plant Oil as local fuel" on 26 January 2010 in Lyon
>> access programme and presentations in French here
English versions of presentations:
Dr. Michael Stöhr: Pure Plant Oil in Germany/ Prof. Dr. Peter Pickel: Research and strategy of a tractors manufacturer
Dr. Georg Gruber/ Hannes Blauensteiner: Mechanical and electronic adaptation of tractors to pure vegetable oil fuels
>> download slides (pdf) here
Simon Peal: Engine lubricants
>> download slides (pdf) here
Dr. Piotr Pasyniuk: The economic evolution and state-of-art of pure plant oil in Poland
>> download slides (pdf) here
Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Hubert: Pure vegetable oil for Non-Road Diesel engines
>> download slides (pdf) here
Norbert Castan: Standardisation of Pure Vegetable Oil (PPO) as fuel
>> download slides (pdf) here
Gilles Vaitilingom: The sector of developing countries
- no English version available - >> download French slides (pdf) here

MTZ-Konferenz Heavy Duty-, On- und Off-Highway-Motoren, 17-18 November 2009, Friedrichshafen, Germany

Posterpresentation of A. Hubert, J. Wloka, G. Wachtmeister: "Untersuchungen am LVK - Einspritzprüfstand mit Non-Road-Engines Injektoren"
>> download German poster (pdf) here

15th Biennal Test Engineers' Conference in Korea, 21-25 September 2009

Paper submitted by Dr. Piotr Pasyniuk, ITP, upon invitation from the OECD: "Pure Vegetable Oil, the alternative fuel for agriculture"
>> download here

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