2ndVegOil successfully finished - final results presented in Brussels

The 2ndVegOil project has successfully demonstrated the suitability of cleaned vegetable oils as transport fuels in advanced diesel engines. The results were presented within the frame of a final event that was hold at the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the European Union in Brussels on 19 December 2011.
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>> Press release (English)
>> Press release (German)
>> CEN press release on new specification for pure vegetable oil fuel
>> Press foto of final event
>> Speech of Ministerial Director Martin Neumeyer (German/English)
>> Presentation slides of final event in Brussels
>> Publication "Klimadesign von Pflanzenölkraftstoffen" (German)
>> Executive summary of "Climate design of Pure Vegetable Oil Fuels" (English)
>> Publication "Climate design of Pure Vegetable Oil Fuels" (English; to be published soon)

Press feed-back on 2ndVegOil project

French language press

"La Commission Européenne apprécie les huiles carburant"
>> Entraid' de fevrier 2012
"Avec des adaptations, l'HVP peut être confrontée aux moteurs récents"
>> La France Agricole, 27 Janvier 2012 - p.32
"Des tracteurs dernier cri testés à l'huile végétale"
>> La France Agricole n°3418 du 13 janvier 2012
"Une norme européenne de qualité pour la carburation"
>> La France agricole n° 3418 du 13 janvier 2012
"'2ndVegOil' rend ses conclusions"
>> Entraid' de janvier 2012
"Les huiles végétales pures, ça roule!"
>> L'information agricole du Rhône n°2149 du 22 décembre 2011

German language press

"Erfolgreicher Projektabschluss 2ndVegOil-Pflanzenöle zum Einsatz in der Landwirtschaft"
>> Windkraft-Journal, 20.12.11
"Teller und Tank – ein nachhaltiges Nutzungskonzept für reine Pflanzenöle"
>> Energiekalender 20.12.11
"Erfolgreicher Projektabschluss „2ndVegOil“ zum Einsatz in modernen Traktoren"
>> Kraftstoffe der Zukunft 2012
The serial production stands nothing in the way.
Plant oil drivetrain. Manifold are the ideas of tractor manufacturer to activate the production of environmental- and climate-friendly drive systems.
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2ndVegOil at UN World Climate Conference in Durban
The 2ndVegOil project is presented on December 7 by Prof. Pickel, John Deere, at a side event of the European Social and Economic Committee of the UN Climate Change Conference 2011 in Durban, South Africa
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European Committee for Standardization publishes new specifications for pure vegetable oil
The new specifications for pure vegetable oil which have been developed within the 2ndVegOil project have been adopted by the European Committee for Standardization and published on the CEN homepage
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Follow-up project PraxTrac has startet
EU Stage 4 tractor development will be finalised
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